Decades in the medical field and strategic partnerships make RBC-PRP your source for PRP Next-Gen Therapy

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Who RBC Medical Services are...

*All of our principal staff are Certified Registered Autologous Blood Transfusionists (RABT)

RBC Medical Services was formed in 2004 by Donna and Fay Neal, both who began their medical careers with the United States Armed Forces, as a laboratory technician and field medic, respectfully. Donna later went on to specializing in blood banking / salvaging and establishing point of care lab systems used during open heart surgery for Memorial Hospital in Gulfport, MS and several hospitals along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Fay went on from the USAF to become a Cardiac Perfusionist and served as Chief Profusionist at Gulfport Memorial for nine years then went on to spearhead a new open heart program at Singing River Hospital in Pascagoula, MS, serving as its Chief Profusionist for another eight years. Together they formed RBC as a medical service corporation, to provide blood conservation and platelet gel services to hospitals and physicians in south Mississippi.

In addition to clinical services, RBC Medical Services is also a distributor for a range of products including Dr. PRP USA and amnion allografts.

Strategic Partnerships

Thanks to Innovators in Specialized Medical Supplies, RBC-PRP is a superior Platelet Rich Therapy authority.

Dr. PRP USA is committed to introducing sophisticated, naturally healthier medical concepts like the  Regenerative Therapy Kit: a simple and highly functional aid to separating platelets for Regenerative Therapy.

They are also spear-heading Regenerative Cosmetic Rejuvenation and new innovations in this field.

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New Life Regenerative Medicine’s Restore™ provides the same protection to injured or traumatized tissue.

Restore™ is a multi-purpose, cryopreserved HCT/P derived from the amniotic fluid that is minimally manipulated. Restore™ is all natural, containing components that work with the body’s natural ability to heal.

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