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Based upon traditional average costs associated with wound therapy many physicians are impressed with the lower costs and quicker results of PRP Therapy from RBC-PRP.

“Less stress and less cost is what we get by partnering up with RBC-PRP.  Traditional wound care treatment was running us about $3,200 per patient per month with 2-3 patient visits per week.  With RBC Medical’s PRP Therapy, we only have to administer treatment once per week (which demands less time from our patients and our staff) with an average cost of $720 per month.  Less time, less cost, and noticeable improved wound care outcomes in a shorter treatment window – what more could I want for my clinic and my patients?”


“Using PRP injections to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints has given my patients a non-surgical treatment option.  I have had patients see improvement with as little as one treatment.  For less than a surgery copay my patients can be healed and able to return to their regular activities.”


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Growth Factors are a type of protein that are abound in blood platelets.  By concentrating blood platelets to a factor of 5 to 10 times the normal amount, we condense these Growth Factors as well.  These Growth Factor-enriched platelets  are what we refer to as ‘PRP’.  With PRP Therapy, advanced healing and even regeneration of tissue and cartilage is attainable.

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These are the core of applications RBC Medical Services excel in for PRP Therapy

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Get in touch today to schedule a practical application of our PRP Therapy in your clinic. Our staff will come to your facility and treat one wound and/or extract PRP for one injection, returning in one week to follow up with efficacy of our PRP Therapy.

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RBC-PRP offers full, comprehensive, on-site training and support of our PRP Therapy Sytems. We empower Physicians their choice of partnership with RBC...

On-Site Injection Services

Have RBC Medical Services perform the plasma separation services at your facility, saving you from the investment of the centrifuge and stocking PRP Tubes.

In-House PRP System

Have the PRP Therapy done completely in-house with your own PRP System. RBC will equip your practice and train your staff, letting you realize savings over time.

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Blood is drawn from the patient in our specialized closed-system single PRP Tube for PRP separation.


The PRP Tube is centrifuged, separating the bulk of the plasma, the platelet rich plasma portion, and red blood cells.


The PRP is extracted from the PRP Tube and applied to the site of the patient’s injury.

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Our products are certified to be utilized by the following medical professionals and facilities:

• Orthopedic Surgery Centers

• Sports Medicine Clinics

• Plastic Surgeons

• Orthopedic Doctors

• Dermatologists

• Veterinarians

The specialized blood tubes and centrifuges RBC-PRP uses are registered with the FDA and are manufactured under the strictest ISO-certified processes.


RBC-PRP is proud to have partnered with
leaders in the field of Platelet Rich Protein Therapy.