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RBC Medical Services offers PRP Therapy Injection Services to Medical Offices, increasing your capabilities and your bottom line.

RBC is licensed and insured to provide medical professionals with the astounding Next-Gen Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to your patients, with your choice to send your patients to us, or have us perform the therapy at your facility.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting and discover what RBC Medical Services can deliver to you and your patients.

We enjoy joining our new therapeutic technologies with those that have the passion to heal and are eager to push into the progression of medical advancements.


These are the core of applications for PRP Injection Services
Utilized for over a decade in sports medicine, RBC-PRP is happy to offer PRP Wound Care Therapy to the general public. PRP Therapy is a prime choice to heal soft-tissue injured and chronic tendinopathy like tendon repair, ligament injuries, muscle injuries and meniscal repair.
This advanced wound therapy is effective in even hard-to-heal chronic and acute wounds.    PRP Therapy stimulates advanced healing for compromised ligaments, tendon,  and muscle cartilages.
A key highlight is that PRP Therapy from RBC-PRP requires no hospital stay and has short recovery stages.