PRP For Equine Health

Benefits of PRP Therapy for Horses

  • Accelerate healing
  • Treat tendon and ligament injuries in horses
  • Treat horses with Arthritis or synovitis
  • Heal wounds, accident or surgical
  • Inject PRP to accelerate soft tissue healing in horses
  • Use PRP gel on burn, cuts and wounds


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections is creating enthusiasm in the orthopedic and sports injury world for horses.  PRP treatment has been effective for treating injuries to the tendon, ligament, muscle and joint.  Normally these injuries are slow to heal.   PRP offers an option to avoid surgery.

Platelet rich plasma is derived from the blood drawn from the horse and processed through a special centrifuge.  The blood is separated, allowing the platelet rich plasma to be removed.  PRP contains an abundance of concentrated platelets.   PRP contains white blood cells that “clean up” the remains of dead and injured cells.  PRP contains cytokines with provided the growth factors that are responsible for tissue regeneration.

PRP is injected into the injured area and at the same time stimulating the body to bring even more new cells to the injured site.   Therefore, growth factors initiate connective tissue healing, bone regeneration and repair, promote formation of new blood vessels, and stimulate healing process.

Platelet rich plasma can be combined with thrombin/calcium chloride to form a platelet gel.  This gel is sprayed over the wound.  The wound is covered with a nonstick dressing and covered for 7-10 days to allow healing to occur.

Frequently, chronic injuries or wounds may need more than one treatment.  PRP treatments can be used along with physical therapy, rest, acupuncture or laser therapy.  PRP offers a solution to accelerate the healing process and strengthen the injured are and reduce recurrence of injury.

PRP Sample should be injected at room temperature.  PRP can be stored in the freezer for up to one year.

It is an autologous (Patients own blood) process so there is no risk of rejection.  PRP can offer your horse an opportunity to live a full life!


RBC Staff