Why Choose platelet rich plasma for cosmetic rejuvenation

Cosmetic facial rejuvenation is something we may or may not think about as we age.  Many of us do not want to admit that our skin and appearance change with age.  If asked, we all can see something we would change if we could.  Platelet rich plasma is an option to turn back the clock in a safe, non-surgical option.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) offers an option to improve skin tone, texture and smooth fine lines.  The science is simple, PRP stimulates collagen production and tissue regeneration.  This helps to fill the areas that have become sunken from age.  It is not only applicable to the face but can be used in other areas such as the back of hands, neck, and décolletage (chest area).  PRP gives you actual results with no artificial fillers or chemicals.


Platelet rich plasma sessions are done typically in groups of three, four-eight weeks apart.  The maximum collagen regeneration occurs around three months with results lasting 18-24 months.

Why chose PRP over regular dermal fillers?

PRP is stimulating your own collagen production and tissue regeneration; therefore, results take longer but the results last much longer.  PRP is all natural, no chemicals or artificial.  Dermal fillers give instant results but they do not last as long (varies greatly on our activity level).

What is the PRP Process?

A small portion of blood is drawn from your arm, placed in special centrifuge to separate the PRP from the red blood cells.   The PRP is used in the facial and facelift procedure through microneedling and injections.

What is recovery time from PRP Facelift/facial?

The day of the procedure, we want you to be cautious of sun exposure.  You will appear to have a sunburn but it is not a painful procedure.  This resolves quickly.  If injections were used in the procedure, bruising may be noted at the injection site.   The recovery time for a PRP facial/facelift is significantly better than a chemical peel.

Is PRP restricted to the face?

PRP can be micro-needled on any skin surface.  PRP can also be used for joint injections (Tennis elbow) or for tendon/muscle damage.  PRP is also a true source of wound healing (not just maintaining) and closing with 1-3 treatments.  PRP is also showing great results for hair restoration for thinning hair in men and women!

Not just for women, Men can benefit from PRP procedure.


RBC Staff