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Volume and Area Reductions

3.4 wks with 4 treatments†
  • % Reduction


PRP Therapy for wound care delivers rapid healing and improvement of recovery.

Utilized for over a decade in sports medicine, RBC-PRP is happy to offer PRP Wound Care Therapy to the general public. PRP Therapy is a prime choice to heal soft-tissue injured and chronic tendinopathy like tendon repair, ligament injuries, muscle injuries and meniscal repair.

This advanced wound therapy is effective in even hard-to-heal chronic and acute wounds.    PRP Therapy stimulates advanced healing for compromised ligaments, tendon,  and muscle cartilages.

A key highlight is that PRP Therapy from RBC-PRP requires no hospital stay and has short recovery stages.


Persistent wounds answer to PRP Therapy†
03/05/02: (RT Ischial Wound, Post Debridement)
03/11/02: (RT Ischial)
03/21/02: (RT Ischial)
04/18/02: (RT Ischial, 5 PRP Treatments)

These images taken during PRP Gel Therapy Treatment exemplify the improved outcome of a right ischial pressure ulcer with just five (5) PRP Gel Treatments.

Wound duration: 2 years

Healed: 1 month

Core Wound Measurements
  • Wound Volume (sq/cm3)
  • Wound Area (sq/cm3)

Left Lateral Leg – SCI patient†

Wound Duration: >1 year | Healed: 7 weeks
Core Wound Measurements
  • Wound Volume (sq/cm3)
  • Wound Area (sq/cm3)

Left Ischium >3 Months Duration†

Tunneling Decrease in 7 Days
Underlying Wound Measurement
  • Sinus Tract & Tunneling (cm)

Discover more applications for PRP Therapy and get to know its advanced healing properties,
learn how you can incorporate PRP Therapy in your clinic today!

†Rappl LM. Effect of platelet rich plasma gel in a physiologically relevant platelet concentration on wounds in persons with spinal cord injury. Int Wound J. Apr 2011;8(2):187-195.